SafeNet Authentication Manager OTP License – End-of-Sale Announcement

21 ноября 2018

As of 30 May, 2019 we are planning to stop sales of SafeNet Authentication Manager for OTP use cases. We will continue to sell SafeNet Authentication Manager with certificate‐based tokens for existing customers. The End‐of‐Sale Schedule is outlined below.

Milestone Date
LAST-TIME-BUY (LTB) May 30, 2019
END-OF-SALES (EOS) May 31, 2019
Maintenance contracts can be purchased up until the LTB date, on 30 May 2019 with an end date of 31 May 2020.
Gemalto will honor the term on all maintenance contracts that were purchased before 30 November 2018.
May 31, 2020
END-OF-LIFE (EOL) May 31, 2020

Products Affected:

  • SafeNet Authentication Manager OTP tokens
  • SafeNet Authentication Manager maintenance contracts for OTP tokens
  • SafeNet Authenticator Manager licenses sold only with OTP tokens

A detailed End of Sale Announcement can be downloaded HERE

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