SafeNet ProtectFile Windows and Linux v8.5
SafeNet Tokenization v8.5
SafeNet ProtectDB v8.5 for SQL, and DB2
New Features and Enhancements
SafeNet Crypto Command Center 2.2.1: Featuring Secure Trusted Channel (STC), as well as Oracle and Red Hat support
Новости 25 Августа 2016 Вышла новая версия HSM Luna EFT - 2.1
Теперь поддерживается до 20 партиций с аутентификацией по OTP
Новости 12 Августа 2016 Доступна версия 6.2.1 ПО SafeNet HSM
Gemalto announces the availability of SafeNet HSM version 6.2.1. SafeNet HSM version 6.2.1 provides significant operational benefits to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 (PED Authenticated) HSMs as it now supports a more firewall friendly Remote PED configuration option.
SafeNet Crypto Command Center version 2.1:  Featuring crypto resource reporting, per partition security officer, and REST API for HSM management
Customer release notes for SafeNet ProtectFile v8.4 for Windows and Linux are now available for download.

New Features and Enhancements

This release provides the following new features and enhancements:

NIST have awarded certificate number 2434 to the ProtectServer 2
Latest versions of SafeNet High Speed Encryptor Management Platforms Now Available