Gemalto is pleased to announce the field upgrade readiness of SafeNet ProtectServer Network HSM version 5.4.
New features for the appliance include:
Новости 13 Сентября 2017 Product Update: SafeNet Crypto Command Center 3.0 Now GA
Crypto Resource Monitoring Release.
SafeNet Crypto Command Center v 3.0 continues to focus on HSM ease-of-use with this latest release. Monitor crypto resources, generate dynamic reports, and always be up to date on the status of your HSM appliances.
Новости 7 Сентября 2017 SafeNet Luna HSMs Now Common Criteria Certified
SafeNet Luna PCIe Cryptographic Module, Firmware version 6.10.9, has now achieved Common Criteria (CC) Certification from the Netherlands NSCIB.  
Please contact your Gemalto representative for additional information.
Новости 1 Августа 2017 SafeNet ProtectV 4.2 Now Available
With this release SafeNet ProtectV makes strides toward achieving feature parity with SafeNet ProtectV version 2.x. With the advent of SafeNet ProtectV 4.x Gemalto redesigned the underlying architecture to make the solution more stable and scalable.
Новости 1 Августа 2017 SafeNet Luna HSM 7 Now GA
Gemalto is excited to announce that SafeNet Luna HSM 7 is now available, with an emphasis on performance and security. Offered in two form factors
Gemalto is pleased to announce the release of version 2.2 of the Luna EFT Payment HSM
Gemalto is excited to announce the upcoming release of new SafeNet Virtual KeySecure k170v, which is built on prevailing cloud-based technologies — a key differentiator between the current k150v and k450v models and the next generation k170v model.
SafeNet ProtectFile Windows and Linux v8.5
SafeNet Tokenization v8.5
SafeNet ProtectDB v8.5 for SQL, and DB2
New Features and Enhancements
SafeNet Crypto Command Center 2.2.1: Featuring Secure Trusted Channel (STC), as well as Oracle and Red Hat support